Monday, January 14, 2013

Buying a Pen Tablet Digital Drawing Thingy

Firstly lets take a look at what to consider when buying a Pen Tablet Stylus Digital Drawing Thingy.
  1. Tablet 
  2. Pen Stylus 
  3. Extra Pen Nibs

Digital Tablet

This item should be expected (like any other computer equipment) to last 5 years of standard usage. Any possible "disposable" ones that could go kaput after a few months should not even be considered.

The tablet should have at least a Pressure Sensitivity Level of 1024. Wacom advertised "Professional" standard Pen Tablet Stylus Digital Drawing Thingy have a Pressure Sensitivity Level of 2048 but from what's gathered, many digital artists can't feel that difference much less actually justify its horrendously marked-up price value.

Pen Stylus

Wacom's Pen Stylus feels so much more luxurious in the hand. Yes, it should be because of the quality materials & connoisseur level "design" used to justify its price (pun intended). This thing is like $50 (RM160) per pop in the local online market. Genius & Monoprice pen styluses won't feel luxurious in the hand because it is that much cheaper, but they also can get the job done - simply put.

Another point to note that Wacom's Pen Styluses uses a Space-age Electromagnetic Invisible Power Transfer Conductor technology (double pun intended) so that it does not need a battery to work. Genius brand products also uses this technology (well, maybe not but no battery required too, that's for sure).

Comfort aspect of these pen styluses would present only nominal differences as it seems such pens share a similar ergonomic design. The main difference would be weight as a battery operated pen stylus are heavier. With a Monoprice pen stylus being 1/5 cheaper than Wacom's, I will refuse to care about the weight. Who does not get tired after using any pen, heavy or not, for hours on end anyway? Moreover, a pen stylus cannot be considered to have the same Strength to Repetition Ratio of an exercise dumbbell (triple pun intended).

Extra Pen Nibs

Go for extra pen nibs. If these aren't included in your purchase then buy extra. Anyway, buy extra. Once that nib on your swanky Wacom Pen Stylus becomes unresponsive from extensive usage, then that thing is pretty much useless without a nib change.

Wacom nibs cost RM70 (US$22) for five pieces. So that's messed up. Monoprice sells ten extra nibs for less than US$1. I don't even know where to find Genius spare nibs or even a single Genius pen stylus in the online Malaysian market for that matter.

Please go forth and do some research on the internet and consider the above mentioned details.There is also some more information on Pen Tablet Stylus Digital Drawing Thingy in this blog or my other blog - do use the blog's Search Thingy.

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