Monday, February 11, 2013

Creating Vaulted Wall 3dsMax

1. Prepare Wall Geometry

a. Save into new sequential file
b. Enter Segment sub-object of chosen wall
c. Click 'Divide'
d. Enter Vertex sub-object to move division
e. Go to Top view to match-up with reference wall (use Endpoint Snap for accuracy)

2. Create Copy of Original Parametric Wall (Emergency Amendments)

a. With Wall selected->Rght-click on main toolbar->choose 'Layers'
b. Layer in 'Default'->Create New Layer 'Parametric Wall'
c. Tick 'Move selection to New Layer'->OK
d. Go to Edit->Clone->Copy->Rename 'VaultedWall'->OK
e. In Layer again choose 'Default' layer->Click 'Add Selection to Current Layer'
f. Turn off (Hide) Parametric Wall layer

3. Convert Copy Wall to Editable Poly

a. Select 'VaultedWall'->Right-click->Convert to Editable Poly
b. Results in Wireframe (F3) will show some wall edges being connected to windows & doors
c. Now able to access more vertices (more raw)
d. Window and door holes are 'baked-in' now (no longer immediately adjustable)

4. Create Vaulted Ceiling

a. Maximize Left viewport
b. Select VaultedWall->Enter Vertex mode
c. Select all vertices to be highest point
d. Move up to highest point (press 'Shift' to straighten)
d. Select all other related vertices to be visually aligned with line up to highest point

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