Thursday, March 21, 2013

55 Hour Negative Seaplane Workflow

Original Seaplane Image
55 Hours total! Oh Snap! I am satisfied with the final result but this kind of artwork sure as heck took its own sweet time so I'm really confident that I am NEVER EVER going to do this kind of illustration again.

Relevant Character Traits in Most Profound Order:

1. Indiscrete
2. Discrete

* Design Notes:

This vector style, especially for a complex subject as in this case, a seaplane, requires circumspection -
a quality of being Discrete in the artist.
Seaplane Mirror Image Final Result
This personality trait is required for correcting the myriad of automatic trace vectored line work, and also for its small details.

The shadows for this illustration were deducted at an early stage for purity of the subject's form.
This work is simple in method, but painstaking, hence more time consuming than expected.

Nonetheless, this piece has been perfectly brought through its 55-hour maximum creation process.

The visual outcome of this illustration's line work, is for the most part joined together, thus inadvertently giving this simple illustration a non-designed Indiscrete character.

* Estimated Design Period:

    1. Total 3270 minutes (54.5 hours)

    2. At 5-hour per day dedicated work hours, everyday non-stop,
        This project took 11 days (10.9) to complete

    3. 2013-01-30
        A. Work Type: Design Research
            I. Work Periods:
                a. 11:29 am to 12:31 am
                    i. Sub-Total Minutes: 62 minutes
        B. Work Type: Process Improvement
            I. Work Periods:
                a. 21:52 am to 22:52 am       
                b. 23:12 am to 23:50 am   
                    i. Sub-Total Minutes: 98 minutes                               
        C. Total Daily Minutes: 160 minutes
        D. Total Daily in Hours: 2.7 hours or 2 hours 42 minutes

    4. 2013-01-31
        A. Work Type: Doodle
            I. Work Periods:
                a. 16:05 am to 16:33 am
                b. 16:42 am to 17:52 am
                c. 18:08 am to 18:29 am
                d. 18:34 am to 19:21 am
                    i. Sub-Total Minutes: 166 minutes
        B. Work Type: Process Improvement
            I. Work Periods:
                a. 18:29 am to 18:34 am       
                    i. Sub-Total Minutes: 5 minutes                               
        C. Total Daily Minutes: 171 minutes
        D. Total Daily in Hours: 2.85 hours or 2 hours 51 minutes

    5. 2013-01-31 to 2013-02-22
         A. Sub-Total 54.37% of 89:55 hours (5395 minutes)

Work In Progress

* Stage # Hours Breakdown:

    1. Design Research 1:02
    2. Doodle 2:48
    3. Process Improvement 2:30
    4. Vectorize Image 31:32
    5. Review/Inspection 6:08
    6. Post Edit 1:56
    7. Design Notes 0:32
    8. Cost & Effort Estimation 0:32
    9. Equipment Administration 2:11
    10. Time Recording 1:56

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