Monday, April 15, 2013

18 Hour Loose Style Harbor Ferry Vector

Original Image
I liked this workflow more than the previous Seaplane project. I get to be discerning here - you know, get to put a bit more thought into the artwork. 18 hours for this piece. I know I can do it faster with practice but spending only half-an-hour for this vector style is far from possible.

Relevant Character Traits in Most Profound Order:

1. Discerning

* Design Notes:

A practice of showing only what is necessary is basically what this Loose vector style is about.
As with any other subject, this representation of a Harbour Ferry, requires discrimination -
a quality of being Discerning in the artist.
Harbor Ferry Final Result
This personality trait is required for recognizing and styling the main elements of what visually constitutes
this Harbour Ferry.

The shadows for this illustration were deducted at an early stage for purity of the subject's form.
This work is relatively fast in execution; not painstaking and delightfully requiring some interesting decisions
to be made throughout the creation process.

Eventhough this illustration was made to lack an overall profile, the visual outcome of this 'Unconnected' vector style
takes advantage of the viewer's natural imaginative ability to see dashed lines as a suggested whole line.
That being said, the Discerning character of the artist is directly embodied into the artwork by
using this Loose Vector Style.

The Harbour Ferry has been perfectly brought through its 18-hour maximum creation process.

Work In Progress
* Estimated Design Period:

    1. Total 1046 minutes (17.4 hours)

    2. At 5-hour per day dedicated work hours, everyday non-stop,
        This project took 4 days (3.5) to complete

    3. 2013-02-28
        A. Work Type: Doodle
            I. Work Periods:
                a. 16:27 pm to 17:07 pm
                b. 17:13 pm to 17:35 pm
                c. 17:40 pm to 18:40 pm
                    i. Sub-Total Minutes: 122 minutes
        B. Work Type: Vectorize Image
            I. Work Periods:
                a. 20:22 pm to 20:55 pm       
                b. 21:32 am to 22:32 am   
                    i. Sub-Total Minutes: 93 minutes                               
        C. Total Daily Minutes: 215 minutes
        D. Total Daily in Hours: 3.6 hours or 3 hours 36 minutes

    4. 2013-03-01 to 2013-03-05
         A. Sub-Total 100% of 13:51 hours (831 minutes)

* Stage # Hours Breakdown:

    1. Doodle 2:02
    2. Vectorize Image 10:20
    3. Review/Inspection 2:05
    4. Design Notes 0:11
    8. Cost & Effort Estimation 1:13
    9. Equipment Administration 0:31
    10. Time Recording 0:17

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