Saturday, July 13, 2013

Your Money Account Closure Microstock Agencies

Let's say, like me, some of your Microstock accounts aren't faring well in terms of sales so you decide to close the account. Now, perhaps there have been some sales in those low performing accounts but not enough to qualify for a cashout.

Since you are going to close those accounts, naturally, you would want your money from those accounts. Well, here is a short list of the Microstock agencies that will give you your money regardless of minimal cashout threshold and those that will grab your money as it is their company policy for you to forfeit any account balance below minimal cashout upon account closure.

So, before you agree and open your account at any Microstock agencies, make sure you favor those that will give you your hard earned cash upon account closure, regardless of their minimum cashout rule. Contact their support team via their email contact form unless you actually want to flick through the entire Terms of Service agreement - who does that anyway?

*Note: Shutterstock is not in this list because its the best Microstock agency for me, outperforming all others three to five times fold. Hence, no need for account closure for me there.

The list below is in alphabetical order and does not imply ranking or favoritism. Snippets of email replies from respective Microstock agencies support team.

1. 123RF

Balance Earnings Eater

"If you wish to close the account someday, note that your balance earnings will be forfeited based on our agreement policy which you have accepted during the account registration."

2. Bigstock

Balance Earnings Eater

Paragraph 3., Section b. "You may request a payout via PayPal, Skrill or other service used by Bigstock when royalties due reach the minimum threshold as stated on the Site. By closing an account before royalties are equal to or greater than the minimum payout threshold, or by breaching any terms of this Agreement or any other agreement with Bigstock, your accrued earnings may be forfeited in Bigstock’s sole discretion."

3. Crestock 

Balance Earnings Giver

"I can confirm that we will pay out the closing balance if you decide to terminate your Crestock account, as long as you provide us with a PayPal or Skrill email address we can transfer the funds to."

4. Dreamstime 

Balance Earnings Giver

"If you decide to close the account and after you disable all the images you have to notify us and if the balance is below $100 I will forward the request to our financial team. Usually the request is validated in cases like this. They have to approve it but I don't remember any case to have refused one so far."

5. iStockphoto

Balance Earnings Giver

"Before we close your account, could you please confirm if you would like the outstanding amount of $43.02 in your account sent to you via cheque (confirm the mailing address) or if you would like a payment sent to your paypal account"

6. Fotolia

Balance Earnings Giver

"Yes, Before we close your account, we encourage you to provide us with a PayPal or Moneybookers account to cash out the earned credits remaining in your account. Please note that there is a $1 processing fee for conversions of less than 50 credits."


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