Saturday, January 12, 2008

Indispensable Website for Rugby Fans

Fans of European rugby will find the website indispensable as there are plenty of goodies for them. The dedicated Fanzone section of the website offers wallpapers, venue guides, games, Podcasts, & much more to rugby fans. The interactive games provided for rugby fans & visitor to the website include Party Ball, Click for a Ticket, Coin Rugby, & etc.

You can also go to the official Six Nations Rugby Championship online store through the link provided on the website. Rugby merchandise & official licensed products are available for purchase at the online store.

Rugby news is another main attraction to the website. Looking at the dates, the news is added daily to the website. It is good for rugby fans who want to keep up to speed with the progress of European rugby. Various RSS feeds are available for subscription from the website. They include Championship News, England News, Ireland News, & much more for you to read rugby news directly on your RSS reader.

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