Saturday, January 12, 2008

Exquisite Italian Florentine Leather Journals

Don’t they look simply exquisite & rare? Real leather journal to safe keep your precious writings. It’s a classic available from Eastgate. In the age of technologically advanced notebooks, the Florentine Journals can make a feel nostalgic. It is like owning a piece of history.

The Florentine Journals are available in the sizes & prices listed below:

• Italian Travelers' Journal 6x8 $85.00
• Italian Travelers' Journal 6x9 with lined paper NEW $85.00
• Italian Leather Journal 8x10 $120.00
• Italian Leather Journal 8x10 with Amalfi paper $180.00

It feels like your writing is worthy of being treasured by your grandchildren & further on like your legacy. It makes sharing your knowledge with your loved ones more meaningful. I would like my company logo on my Florentine Journal instead of the French looking emblem on the leather cover.

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