Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Relationships between Technology (Internet) & Human Life

There is a lot of interesting articles on the blog. I really like the writing style of the articles. Its interesting approach seems rather theoretical & very opinionated. Presenting only a part of the article probably help make the reader want to read more about the article. It certainly did to me. I think I shall apply the same posting style on my blogs too.

The main theme behind the Indranet blog is Technology, psychology, sexuality, society, spirituality. Posts on the blog are diverse & they range from Tibetan Buddhism to multiple orgasms are available for your reading pleasure. So you can see the potential of what the Indranet blog can do for you. You could find something useful to help you with things in your life. You could read about something you do not know exists. You could read about a topic & see things from a different perspective.

Indranet makes a good & consistent attempt to create reading material that expresses the relationships between technology; particulary the internet & human life. How does the internet affect lives? How does porn affect people? Why people should be more responsible regarding the topic of sex with their children? Similar topics like the aforementioned are answered on the Indranet blog. Although the blog itself is fairly new, posts are dated no earlier than May 2007; Indranet can make you feel that it is going to be around as long as the internet exists.

The articles are in tune with the development of internet technology & it is not a surprise as the blog writer is well versed with the subject. Ivo Quartiroli, the author of the Indranet blog is a writer who has written 20 books on the topics of computer science, programming languages and techno-media analysis. There is also an email subscription for folks who want to be informed of the blog’s progress via email.

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