Monday, January 14, 2008

Uncertain Payments at LoudLaunch Blogging Marketplace Nowadays

When am I going to receive the rest of my money?

I do not like what I am seeing at the LoudLaunch blogging marketplace nowadays. I am preparing myself to forget about participating at the LoudLaunch blogging marketplace. Eight dismissed hard worked written posts are just too much for me to bear.


PphhBBbttt! :|

Not even an email yet from LoudLaunch support.

Maybe because there is a lot of other bloggers sending emails about “abeyance” posts too.

Just in your face

It is bad enough that my January 2008 payment was in limbo until January 12, 2008 at LoudLaunch. The TOS (Terms of Service) states payment WITHIN 5 days of new month.


Don’t post the offers unless bloggers actually shall be paid for them.


*Sounding totally disappointed*


Sean said...


I am encountering the same problem as you do.
They did NOT reply email to me as well. I hope they are going to pay this amount as it was our hard work~!

P/S: I have long time did not see blogspot blogger has PR after Google smash down PR... you are the first one i see here~ haha~ good luck~!

a.i. editor said...

I hope so too.

The situation given to us is totally ridiculous coming from a reputable blogging marketplace like LoudLaunch.

Google did a run down on blogs PR which are on their own hosting as well.

I am thankful that my blogs were spared.

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