Sunday, January 13, 2008

Testing Online Sunglasses with Photoshop

LoudLaunch is causing me some anguish but I won’t let it keep my spirits down & affect the happy tone of my blog!


I was doing some online window shopping & came about a website selling wholesale priced replica sunglasses. Fantastic, the prices seem really cheap. I thought the prices advertised for the sunglasses was only for one pair & thought to myself. “What is so cheap about a $30 sunglass?” I looked at the offers closer & saw a note “price per dozen”.


The problem now is that I cannot physically try them out like how I would at the retail shops. You know how some sunglasses seem tight on your face, drops over your nose, & etc. Well, to lessen the gamble of buying dozens of sunglasses that won’t fit my face, I used photoshop! Either way, they are cheap sunglasses & you could give them away to your kid relatives too.

Testing Online Sunglasses with Photoshop


Take a look at the above image. I took the pictures of sunglasses & shift scaled them to fit my face. Sunglasses can’t be out of proportion. They could be tight fitting but not out of proportion. I tried out how various sunglasses styles would fit my face.

Hey, whatever, man.



Leslie Ann said...


Thanks for leaving a comment in my post Delayed LoudLaunch payments. I finally got mine today, just a few minutes ago. I hope you got yours, too.

When I sent an email to customer service, they didn't mention what type of violation other bloggers did. I'm also sorry to hear that your pending earnings were reduced. Maybe you should try sending an email to customer service and ask them why.

I'd be happy to hear if you did get your payments with LoudLaunch.


a.i. editor said...

You are welcome.

I already sent an email regarding the reduced pending earnings to LoudLaunch support & am awaiting a reply.

I will post about the progress.

I received my delayed payments from advertisers at LoudLaunch today too.

It is probably my last one too.


Its no use doing so much work & then have my payments taken away liao.

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