Friday, April 4, 2008

Asus F9s Higher Priced than Similar Dell XPS M1330

So finally, I have stumbled upon an ultraportable that has a good graphics card on it & not the Xwhatever’s & Intels integrated mumbo jumbo. The package comes in the form of the Asus F9s ultraportable. Some lucky buyer has already bought it & wrote a review about it. Click onwards to to read a buyer’s review of the Asus F9s ultraportable. It looks good! I would buy had I MYR 5,000 of spare change.

It is a first choice..*ahem* the only choice for such a graphics capable ultraportable, well, except for the Dell XPS M1330.

Then again, I can wait for a six core ultraportable with similar setup. Its just plain glossy black while at least the Dell has midnight blue version. Also, the Asus F9s ultraportable can be bought at C-zone in Low Yat Plaza for about MYR 4,500. It’s about MYR 450 higher priced than the Dell model. Anyway, tell politely to the salespersons at the shops in Low Yat to give you a discount & make sure you receive the freebies! ;-D Perhaps you can find the value in buying the Asus F9s ultraportable instead of a Dell XPS M1330 or the Compaq Pavilion TX1316 tablet PC (unfortunately only shared128mb graphics card) with similar specs.

Some features of the Asus F9s ultraportable:

• 3.5G Mobile Network Connection (Optional)
• Swivel 240° for Total Image Capturing
• Dual core, Double Power
• Video Graphics & Memory: NVidia G8400M G 128M
• Hard Drive: 160GB 5400RPM SATA


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