Friday, April 4, 2008

Fear of Power Surge & Lightning Storms Begone!

Are you afraid of your precious electronic equipment becoming fried in a lightning storm? Somehow, one way or another; be it a lighting hit to the electric cable or a freak power surge from the local transformer; you ought to be prepared for the worst. There are some claims from folks that their pc went up in smokes during a lightning storm. It did not decimate but rather the electronic inside got fried.

Newpoint Centra 8 Outlet Surge Protectors
Well, we do not want the same to happen to us! The fire hazard it could create when you are not at home! Take a look at the Newpoint Centra 8 Outlet Surge Protectors. It’s not like the cheap $5 ones you can buy at your local hardware store that becomes kaput after a single power surge. The Newpoint Centra 8 is backed by a whopping $1 MILLION dollar connected equipment warranty!

Some features of the Newpoint Centra 8 Outlet Surge Protectors:

• 8 power outlets (4 of which are designed for bulky AC adapters)
• Telephone cable pass-through
• A network cable pass-through
• Cord management system
• Noise filter to feed your connected system clean power & help them last longer

Your cost is just $29.97 & US shipping (Via UPS) is FREE from The Newpoint Centra 8 is a $90 value high quality surge protector. Take advantage of the low price & buy them now! Great value for safety!

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