Friday, April 25, 2008

Aztech 4 Ethernet Router Includes WiFi & ADSL Modem

Folks looking for a wireless home router may want to look at the Aztech DSL605EW. The Aztech Wireless G 4 Port Ethernet USB Combo Router is also an ADSL modem so folks can keep the old one as spare or backup. The built in modem makes the device an all-in-one integrated communications solution for home networking, SOHO and SME environments. The device has a high-power wireless G++ speed of up to 125Mbps & two detachable 3dbi antennas to ensure strong signal strength & fast web surfing.

Some features of the Aztech Wireless G 4 Port Ethernet USB Combo Router:

• Designed for Home Networking, SOHO and SME environments
• Encryption: WEP 64 bit/ 128 bit, WPA, WPA2
• Greater wireless throughput and coverage (802.11g++)
• Web-based configuration and firmware upgrade
• Multiple DDNS domain names support for FTP & web sharing
• 3-click Easy Set-up
• Flexible placement (Horizontal, Vertical & Wall-mount)

4 desktops, 4 notebooks, or 4 of both combinations can be connected via wired Ethernet through the 4 Ethernet ports on the device. Additionally, users can use the WiFi capability of the device too. Multi users at your home or small office will like the convenience of using broadband provided by the device. The device can be placed in a horizontal, vertical or wall-mounted position that takes up minimal space.

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