Friday, April 25, 2008

New Aurora Desktops Fitted with AMD Phenom Quad Core

The Alienware Aurora desktop returns with a new lease of AMD Phenom Quad core microprocessors. Aurora desktops have received rave reviews for its top performance back in 2004/2005. The desktop range has now been fitted with the most advanced contemporary computer technology available in the market today. Prices start at about $1000 per desktop. It still is a pricey for a gaming desktop but its value comes in superb Alienware product quality & gaming performance. You receive slick wiring, liquid cooling looking like a nuclear reactor, tool free screwless design, & much more with your Aurora desktop purchase from Alienware.

Some features of the Alienware Aurora desktops:

• AMD® Phenom™ 9850 Black Edition Processor w/ HyperTransport and Quad Core Technology
• Dual 1GB ATI® Radeon® 3870 X2
• Dual Hard Drives 7200 RPM - 500GB (2x250GB)
• Dual-Layer Blu-ray Reader
• Dual Integrated Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45
• Height: 19.01”
• Width: 9.97”
• Depth: 25.02”

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