Monday, April 28, 2008

Backup Your Computer’s BIOS before Tweaking

You can use system diagnostics softwares to identify any problem or failure when a computer is showing some signs of problems. The problems could include slow startups, devices not functioning, or even system crashes. The diagnostics softwares will test the computer system, including the BIOS & memory, software, & hardware that is attached to the computer. Diagnostics software normally starts with a BIOS examination.

The computer BIOS can tell a lot of things to the diagnostics software ranging from the common settings to those that have a major impact on the computer system. It is not recommended for one to modify the BIOS settings because it can lead to serious problems with the computer. Nonetheless, with some knowledge, one can tweak the BIOS settings for a better computer performance. Being so, one should create a backup of the BIOS settings in case of emergencies after tweaking. Your motherboard manufacturer should provide the utility for making BIOS backups or flash new ones.

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