Friday, April 11, 2008

Begin Investing with a WaMu Online Savings Account

One can start investing without the knowledge of the stock market. Be a conservative investor with low risk tolerance. It will give one the opportunity of making money while learning about investing. A good way to start is with a standard interest bearing saving account. A savings account should pay 2 – 4% on the money that you have in it. Yes, it’s splendid to have a million dollars in the account so one can really see the significant interest. An online savings account from WaMu is a good idea. You receive 3.3% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) when you open one with a WaMu Free Checking™ account.

Opening an online savings account is a trend nowadays as the internet makes it easier for people to do transactions without having to go to the bank itself. It is one of the benefits of opening a WaMu Online Savings at An account holder will receive free online banking & receive free electronic statements. To save a bit more money, one may want to maintain a minimum daily amount of $300 to avoid the monthly service charge of $4 or open Online Savings account with WaMu Free Checking to avoid a monthly service charge altogether! Another good thing about having an Online Savings Account at WaMu is that one can sign up for an Overdraft Transfer Service so that checks made from one’s checking account won’t bounce, prevent overdrafts, & etc.

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