Wednesday, April 9, 2008

BSN Does Western Union Transactions Too!

The lady at BSN told me that I should come back at 2pm when the WU system would be back online. Well, it was splendid of her to tell me about it since the folks at the previous two other banks just told me to try another day or at another bank. I had 1 hour to burn so I stood under a tree by the roadside, looking about, thinking how I should spend another hour waiting. I decided to browse about a computer shop inside Ampang Point & possibly buy a new decent keyboard. I did not find a good one which I liked & before you know it its already ten minutes before 2 pm!

So I returned back to the BSN bank with a photocopy of my identification card (IC). Note: you would need a photocopy of your IC to do the WU transaction at BSN bank. My ticket number was called & I gave the BSN lady bank clerk the WU form I filled out previously along with the photocopy of my IC. She looked at my IC & told me that she can only complete the WU transaction for me once because the BSN bank system uses the new MyKad IC. I told her I would have my MyKad IC made it for future WU transactions. It was kind of her to give me a break!

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