Friday, April 4, 2008

Cheapest & Easiest Home Network Program

Finding the cheapest Home network program? Well, look no further as Network Magic can be had for only about $9 (Free US shipping) from You may decide to upgrade it to the $30 version too. It’s about two or more computers sharing files, printers & anything else that can be used in a network. No network experience required. Only a few mouse clicks will have your computer network up & running. You could do it in 10 minutes with the help of the easy wizards.

You can start adding a shared folder or printer with just two mouse clicks; select item & click on Share! Start by installing the software on the computer you want to network. Then answer a few question to decide what you want to share & not. Move on to the next computer. Run the software with the program’s wizard guiding you & you’ll have a computer network soon enough! It auto detects your router (the hardware thing you need to start a computer network) & do the network configurations automatically.

Furthermore the program allows you to check your internet connection speed & help you with trouble shooting so that you can find & pinpoint the problem. Your computer network will also be more secure & it detects intrusions & lets you know about fixing the hole in about 2 mouse clicks. The program is licensed up to 3 computers so you can build a home computer network comprising of three computers! It’s both Windows XP & Vista compatible. Rave reviews from PC Magazine & LAPTOP Magazine so you know you’re not alone when you ever find out how good & easy the Network Magic is for your home network.

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