Saturday, April 5, 2008

New USD $5 Bill with More Security Features

The new USD $5 bill looks like the image on the right. Well, minus the SPECIMEN watermark, of course. *chuckle* ;-)The bill is already in circulation by the US Treasury & includes new security features like a large number 5 that will appear on the right of President Lincoln’s portrait when one holds the bill up to a light. Also can be seen are a column of three number 5 on the left side of the president’s portrait.

The most profound & perhaps awkward looking feature on the new bill is the very big purple colored number 5 on the below right of it. Dollar bill critics will cry fowl over its humongous size. Well, it’s certainly not the Mona Lisa. For me, a legal tender bill & not counterfeit, then its good cash (not referring to the current value of the USD) regardless of how it looks. After all, its just money!

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