Monday, April 28, 2008

Forget about Cracking Open a Hard Drive to Recover Data

Perhaps you are the type of person who built your own pc by buying separate pc components & then assembling the plug n play pieces on your own. One day, hopefully it does not happen to you; under some bizarre circumstance, your hard disk just runs dead. You ponder about recovering your data & perhaps opening up your computer’s hard disk. Worse, you think that you can take it apart & rebuild it. Sorry to sound pessimistic but it’s really not something that a non hard drive specialist would do; cracking open a hard drive.

Forget about it! *chuckle* Inside the hard drive, there are many small & fragile components. Unless you work at the hard disk company & have access to a laboratory of sorts, then you may as well have a go at it although it would probably be a lot easier to send your hard disk to the data recovery specialist. The platters in the hard disk contain a layer of magnetized material. The layer is fragile, sensitive to debris & finger prints. Your home does not look something like the Intel lab now or is it?

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