Monday, April 28, 2008

More Ways to Backup Data

There is more than one way to backup data. One can do it with a CD-rom, DVD-rom, Flash Drive, an external hard disk or even on another computer. Nowadays, folks can also purchase some online storage space on the internet. CD-rom & DVD-rom is good for exchanging files sized about 700mb too 4gb from one hand to another but is by no means the best type of data backup storage.

The surfaces are susceptible to scratches & heat so the data could become distorted hence unusable. Flash drives are becoming popular nowadays as they are small, just about the size of one’s finger & is the perfect mobile companion. Also, one can buy an 8gb flash drive for easy file transportation & exchange. It is good for data backup storage but not the best because people tend to use bring it about which heightens the risk of the small flash drive becoming lost altogether.

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