Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Creative Prodikeys PC Midi USB port

Music enthusiasts will definitely take interest to the Creative Prodikeys PC Midi keyboard. As the name suggests, the keyboard is equipped with a 37 mini sized music keys with touch sensitivity. For music creators, the keyboard can be used to experiment with new beats whenever likened to be taking a break from one’s busy schedule! The package includes some music creation software Like EasyNotes & Mini Keyboard. It may not be a device for a professional music producer but it certainly is a good enough device for folks starting to explore their musical talents. The Creative Prodikeys PC Midi is available online at MoreSales.com.my for a price of about $50.

creative prodikeys keyboard
Some of the features of the Creative Prodikeys PC Midi:

• Standard USB-compatible keyboard
• 37 mini-sized music keys with touch-sensitivity
• Snap-on color faceplate
• Removable palm rest (Music keys cover)
• Music button
• Enhanced function key lock
• Customizable hotkeys
• System control hotkeys
• Media playback buttons
• Volume control wheel

creative prodikeys keyboard features

Software included with the Creative Prodikeys PC Midi:

• EasyNotes - Learn to play any song melody on your own - from the included song library or downloaded MIDI files of your favorite pop tunes from the Internet. EasyNotes supports music format in SEQ and MIDI.
• FunMix - You can create and record your own music with pre-arranged mixes and personalize your own ring tone or video soundtrack easily.
• HotKeys Manager - It lets you customize the keyboard's hotkeys functions for easy access to the software suite.
• Mini Keyboard - You will be able to explore with more than a hundred different instrument sounds - including piano, flute, guitar and even drums!
• Prodikeys Launcher - You can use it to launch the software and the Product Tutorial for an interactive demo.

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