Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Web Hosting Account for Your Blog

Your blog host should be reliable, responsive if you have questions, and inexpensive. $10 per month is reasonable for a reliable host; less than that and the service tends to go down a lot. Forget about free web hosting. Its low bandwidth, saturated advertisements, & web space size is insufficient in the long run.You could start a blog on free blog platform like Blogger.com or Wordpress.com. I would only recommend it for folks who want to start learning to write blogs. It saves a few dollars per month but on the long run, many people decide to have their own blogs on their own web hosting account.

It’s virtually impossible to get free search engine traffic to those free blogs, & support is completely nonexistent. Don’t let it scare you but your blog could be pulled off by the blog platform service provider. Do you want your work to be all lost? Remember that you will lose all the search engine value that you’ve built up on the free blog platform so just use it for practice.Take your blog development seriously & go with a proper web host that actually has competent support people available to help you. Spending $10/mo for a proper web host will also help you realize that you’re serious about your goal. Do it. There are many web hosting companies like Lunarpages, Bluehost, Host Monster, & etc providing cheap & quality web hosting.

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