Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Interesting & Informative Web Design Articles on Unique Blog

Some good articles about web designing & other stuff related to web design may want to head over to http://www.stylishdesign.com. There are many categories to for good reading like Web Design, Internet, SEO, & more! The website was founded by Robert & Andrei who has over eight years of experience in the art & advertising industry. The black & white colors used on the website echoes a theme of simplicity. Although the web design blog looks simple, it possesses a unique layout. For example, one can view the categories section is located at the bottom of the pages. Perhaps you are starting out to build a website on your own.

You can use the article entitled “I’m going to build my very own Web page” on the StylishDesign site to gain information on how to start building your own website. There is also an article about Google Pagerank for web beginners who have not a clue about Pagerank or for experienced folks who want to read on it. The Google Pagerank & how it works is briefly explained in the article entitled “You can never find out the true PageRank”. You would be surprised at the things you can find out about Google Pagerank from the article! StylishDesign.com is a site to bookmark for reading interesting & informative web related articles.

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