Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My New Logitech Keyboard Arrived Promptly!

I got a new keyboard. My new Logitech Classic Keyboard Black PS2 keyboard just arrived today! I don’t even want to take out the plastic wrap because I do not want the letters to fade away too fast. It looks prettier on the site than ion real life. Well, it’ usually the case much like fast food where the packaging looks good but the item looks lesser than advertised. Anyway, I am happy as a bee with my new Logitech keyboard! I must thank Moresales.com.my for sending my purchased item promptly.

I bought it on midnight Thursday & by on Saturday the item was on its way to me. Being a weekend, I thought that the item was going to arrive to me on Monday. I was correct. I’m going to practice to having my typing skill up to speed with my new keyboard. So the F12 button is located to close to the backspace button. One could accidentally click to Save instead of delete. Also, it is quite difficult to see the small alphabets on a black background. Overall typing is good without the “clakkity clack” noises!

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