Saturday, April 19, 2008

Surveillance Capability for Concerned Parents

It’s quite a challenge to be a new parent. Even experienced parents have to deal with new issues especially with the advanced of technology nowadays. Children tend to be much smarter than their parents were at their age. In the sense, children are able to mature faster in more ways than one. Teenagers above the age limit can drive cars, children use computers & cell phones, go on a holiday with friends; pretty much a better sense of freedom than their parents when they were their age. Parents need something like a Child GPS device to help observe how their children are experiencing their freedom.

Brickhouse provides parents the advanced technology to have the surveillance capability over their children. There are a variety of GPS units at which can be placed in the car, backpack, teddy bear, & etc. They vary in size, price, & functionality to best fit the situation as required by the parent. A parent can also use a Brickhouse GPS device to know whether the babysitter had taken their baby or child out of the house to the park or wherever. It’s not about limiting your children’s freedom but rather to ensure that they act responsibly with their freedom & help parents to keep their children away from trouble. Brickhouse also offers hidden cameras & bullet/knife proof backpacks!

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