Thursday, May 22, 2008

16GB Flash Drive Capacity minus Premium Price

2GB Flash drives, thumb drives or however you want too call it is certainly the rave nowadays. Previously 2GB flash drives were the talk of the town & everybody wanted one. Then as technology progresses, 8GB flash drives are released to the consumer market. You will certainly be ahead of anybody at the office with a whopping new 16GB capacity flash drive!It’s like having two double layer DVDs worth of data in your flash drive but without having to wait for the burning process. 16GB is plenty of space to backup your most important data like critical business files, entire projects, a family photo album archive, & etc! Best of all, it’s just a lightweight flash drive that you can secure & bring along in your briefcase or even a zipped pocket of your pants.

How about the price? It’s not $200 like in retail stores. It’s not even $186 like at Best Buy. Yes sir, you are going to receive the best price of all! Purchase online for just $68.97 from You receive FREE US shipping too! Other amazing prices include 8 GB: $42.97, 4 GB: $24.97, & 2 GB: $18.97! All with FREE US shipping.

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