Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Data Recovery Procedures

Your computer is always at risk regardless of where you stay, work, or type of computer that you use. Among the threats to computers include viruses, power surges, thunderstorms, natural disasters, human mistakes, & hackers; all of which could cause your computer’s hard drive to fail. Hence, doing data backups frequently is a thing to do in case any of the aforementioned happens to your computer. A hard disk that is about to fail will produce clunking sounds or other signs like lost drive sectors & failure to boot. You should shut down your computer immediately to avoid data loss.

Otherwise the hard disk will function awkwardly & destroy itself including your data stored in it. Of course, you should never try to fix your computer’s hard drive on your own or else you could make the situation worse. The process of data recovery requires special tools & clean working environment, not to mention the hours or days it takes to do the work! Software used for data recovery should not be used unless you really know the condition of your hard drive. Forget about the claims that the software companies tell you about their software.

You cannot use any software data recovery program when the problem is physical with your computer’s hard drive. Allow your local data recovery service to do the work for you. You simply be in contact with them & bring the hard disk or entire computer as per their request. Professional data recovery services can fix any kind of hard disk problem & recover any type of data. Nonetheless, there are situation where your hard drive is simply beyond repair. Your only other option is to buy a new hard drive. Thank goodness you often make data backups!


Selerines said...

Nice idea.... Which is the best antivirus dude????

a.i. editor said...


How are you?

It's good of you to stop by my blog today.

Free: AVG Paid: Kaspersky,McAfee,Nod32,Norton,& ZoneAlarm

Selerines said...

What about etrust antivirus??? Hey friend i answered your question in my blog.. Check it...

a.i. editor said...

Etrust? I would suggest you use the trial versions first. Thereafter, you will know which anti-virus is best suited to your liking!

Yeah. I visited your blog & read your reply. Thanks for the tips! It makes me feel better about wanting to visit India. :-)

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