Saturday, May 17, 2008

How to Back Up Files Correctly

Losing data in the world of computers nowadays is a scary thought & many people will agree with me. The people who are scared, in general, do not think twice about backing up data. Nonetheless, there are some people who are scared of losing data but do not do data backups. They include people who have little or no experience in using computers. Well, the attitude must change & the people must be informed about the importance of data backup. Normally, CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, & flash drives are used for data backup & are easily accessible when needed. Windows XP & Vista have a backup facility so it is easier for you to make data backups.

You may want to save a copy of the backup in another partition of your computer’s hard drive. Your backup will be safe & easy accessible because Windows operating system uses the C:\ partition & you can keep the backup in D:\ or etc. Tax files, business records, family photos, & etc should have a backup so that you will not lose them indefinitely. Using the Windows XP or Vista backup facility on a drive partition is not as sound as making a backup like for example on an external hard drive.

Servers & offsite backups are a splendid option too! With offsite backups, no unauthorized person in your company at the office can access the backup data. It will take a whole lot of CDs & DVDs to backup a whole lot of data so you may want to keep the option only for small sized data. You can easily burn CDs & DVDs using burning software provided by your computer manufacturer, third party like Nero or free software burners like CDBurnerXP. Disasters whether natural or others could happen so it is best to keep data backups handy for recovery.


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