Saturday, May 17, 2008

Your Data Can be More Valuable than Your Laptop

Information on laptops is easier to become lost as compared to desktops. Since the laptop is a mobility tool, the device opens itself to the possibility of becoming stolen, misplaced or damaged unlike a desktop at your home. Laptop users are among the people who may want to do good data backup practice. Millions of laptops become stolen every year. When a laptop is stolen, the data inside it is non recoverable for the owner. The owner will have to face the data inside the laptop be misused or simply deleted.

The more reason to protect & often backup important data on your laptop! Doing data backups on laptops is similar to doing data backups on desktops. The simplest way to go about it is to burn CDs or DVDs as data backups on your laptop. Most new laptops come equipped with a DVD burner. The DVD burners can burn CDs as well. Burning 8GB dual layer DVD is not as easy as doing data backups on a similar capacity flash drive. Hence, a large >8GB capacity flash drive would be a splendid idea! Another option would be to purchase an 8GB mini hard drive.

They are slightly bigger than flash drives but about 1/3 cheaper! Flash drives & mini hard drives allow you to simply drag & drop the files you want to backup. You could consider external hard drive backup out of the laptop data backup equation because the devices are best suited for desktop environments. It’s not easy to be lugging about an external hard drive along with a full kit laptop bag. Nonetheless, there is one similarity where laptop data backup & desktop data backup can both excel.

It is with online data backup services. Using an online data backup service is easy as drag & drop but the speed of uploading or downloading the data backup will depend on the internet connection speed you are using. Nonetheless, it’s safe & will always be ready for you as long as there is good internet connection! Backup your data at least once a month & do more frequently for very important files! Your data can be more valuable than your laptop itself!


Selerines said...

Nice post dude... I will surely try it out ...

a.i. editor said...

ok, I am glad you like it. :-)

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