Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Immediate Action for Data Recovery

As you probably already know, data recovery means recovering data that is lost or damaged. Most of your data can be recovered by using hard drives, zip disks, CDs, DVDs, and other means of storage as data backup mediums. In a nutshell, data recovery is important to help your situation return to normalcy after your computer hard drive crashes or other unfortunate things happen to your data; caused by destruction. There are a lot of data recovery companies that specialize & excel in data recovery. They possess skilled & trained technicians who spend most of their days working only on computer hard drives. The rate of data recovery will depend on how bad the hard drive has been damaged.

Physical damage to a hard drive could result in some of the data stored on it being lost indefinitely. Nonetheless, taking immediate action by seeking out a hard drive repair service may just about save everything that you stored in it! Once in communication with the data recovery company, you will know the next step to take; whether to bring your whole computer or just the hard drive to the company. You may want to find a local Data recovery company beforehand so that they will be just a phone call away! After evaluating the hard drive, the company will contact you & discuss the options available for you.

Below are a few software examples that data recovery companies use to recover lost data on hard drives.

1) FIRE recovery

FIRE is a popular program used by data recovery specialists all over the world. The bootable program takes action with data recovery immediately. Other features of FIRE include helping with virus scans, incident response, & forensic analysis.

2) LDE recovery

Popular among user of Linux, LDE a.k.a. Linux Disc Editor was used to recover lost files in the Linux operating system environment & is considered as an old method.

3) NT recovery

Copying files from NTFS to FAT volumes of the hard disk is one of the main capabilities of the NT program. It is a popular program among data recovery technicians. It provides the proper read access for hard drives which are set up with NTFS in the Windows or MS DOS environment.

Software recovery is used on hard drives provided that they are not too badly damaged. They are more software recovery methods used by data recovery companies other than the above examples. Rebuilding the hard drive is an option used for hard drives that have been damaged by fire, flood, & etc. It may take a while to check every piece of the hard drive & replace the damaged parts. A Kaput hard drive will have to be immediately sent to a data recovery company to retrieve the lost data. Hence, doing data backups often & consistently will give you an option whether to repair & retrieve the data or just destroy the broken hard drive along with all the data in it & just buy a new one!

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