Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tough to Find the Free Lectures Podcasts on UC Davis Website

I spent hours browsing about the UC Davis website, looking for free courses/lectures on podcast. UC Davis is touted to offer podcasts on lectures, student activities, & etc. I just saw a video online about it & thought that it could be worth to take a look at it. Come on, after all it’s free education! So I went over to the website.

As like any large education institution, the amount of information provided on the website is overwhelming especially since there are a lot of interesting things to distract you. You won’t actually see a banner or ad showing “click here for your free podcast lectures!” Come to think of it, I wished there was some similar banner on the site. It would save free lecture podcast searchers like me some grievance. By doing a site search, I got to the Podcast home web page.

I thought my work was done & I could just relish the free lectures. Nope. It did not happen. No video layout going on like on Revver or YouTube. After a few moments browsing about, I recall reading a note informing that podcast lectures can be found in the MyUCDavis course web site & open the folder for the lecture recordings. Aha, so you have to sign-up first. Ok, no problem.

You may want to click on the MyUCDavis link at the top right of the website. You can login as a guest. Then oh, heck; I still can’t find the free podcast lectures! Maybe you can do it & give me a holla. I swear I heard the university representative in the video mentioned that it was available for the public! Making the podcast easier to access would be much appreciated!

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