Thursday, May 15, 2008

Free ZoneAlarm Firewall On My PC Again

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall Popups

Yes, so I finally, after years of not using a firewall on my pc, installed one today. Why had I been reluctant to install one before & why had I decided to install one today? Well, the answer to the first question lies in the fact that I had once used the free firewall program from ZoneAlarm, its touted by the company to be the best in the world today & its still free like it ever was when first introduced to internet users.

I used to have it installed on my computer for about a week but I got tired of answering the pop-ups asking me whether the program is authorized to go online or not. Heck, even now as I write, the program is doing its pop-up, we are protecting you routine. You can choose to just tick the “Don’t show this dialog again” & press OK. I liked the Kasperky Internet Security Suite as it seemed much smarter without the frequent Pop-up clearance checks but one would have to shell out about $60 for it.

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