Thursday, May 8, 2008

Future Computer Technologies Evaluated!

Contemporary computers, like the one you have at home utilizes silicon microprocessors that work on electricity pulses & magnetic layers in hard drives to read, write, & store data. How about other methods of computing that are currently in research & experimentation? In the future, can the present method of computing be used or will it be replaced by a superior technology? Well, we can only see whether there is a viable technology that can replace the current computer technology.

We can expect new computing technology, once proven superior, viable & finalized; to replace the main components of current computer technology like the microprocessor, the hard drive, the optical drive, & etc to create an evolving hybrid computer system. Without further adieu, you may want to take a look at the new information systems being researched, experimented, & tested at university labs & high tech corporation organizations in the world today. I will list & briefly explain about 10 new computing technologies & comment on their viability as a replacement for current computer technology.

1. Optical computing: Your computer in the future could be a hologram
2. Quantum computing: Your computer in the future could think twice in the same instance
3. DNA computing: Whoops; you just drank your protein shake computer!
4. Reversible computing: Extreme re-cyclist’s computer
5. Billiard Ball computing: More uses for your pool table
6. Neuronal computing: Your pet is more than just your pet
7. Magnetic (NMR) computing: Nuclear magnetic resonance; makes a plain glass of water more interesting
8. Glooper Computer: An advance Play-Doh computer set
9. Mouldy computers: Smart slime like in science fiction movies
10. Water wave computing: encoding behavior into wave ripples; more uses for your old fish tank

According to my evaluation which is based on an idea sounding less funny to be a potential replacement of contemporary computers; below is a top down list of 3 of the most likely technologies:

1. Quantum computing: I guess people like their computers to do more
2. Reversible computing: I guess not many people are into recycling but it saves money
3. Neuronal computing: I guess people adore smart pets like in animation movies


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