Thursday, May 8, 2008

Practice Good Computer Maintenance Regards to Data Recovery

In the event your computer’s hard drive goes kaput, you will probably need to turn to a data recovery specialist to help retrieve your lost data. Anybody who has used a computer often will have felt how it feels to lose data. It may have been forgetting to save a written document before the computer crashes or perhaps even experiencing a total data loss when a hard drive ceases to function. Hard drives nowadays are becoming better & more dependable. In fact, I have been using mine since middle 2004 without any problems. Wow, it’s almost 5 years down the road without a single major glitch!

*WHhoooTTtt! *

Yeah, I am so proud of it! I prefer the Maxtor brand. I did not have a good experience with Seagate hard drives prior to 2004. Regardless of the brand, hard drives are mechanical in nature & are susceptible to encounter problems especially without good computer maintenance. I must admit that my computer’s hard drive had suddenly crashed once or twice a few months ago. It did worry me a bit as my mind was pondering on having to shell out money to buy a new computer. I thought my old computer was reaching its end. After the second crash, I decided to open my computer casing to take a look.

There was dust everywhere; thick & crusty, embedded on the fans, heat sinks, & even covering the hard disk. Man, it was not a good sight! At the moment I did not think about finding the reason & solution for my computer crashing on me. I just thought of cleaning the dust away. I really dislike dust. Is there an anti dust society club that I could join? To my surprise & cut the story short, my computer works like brand new after the cleaning session (it was half a year ago) & still going strong without problems today! Hence, the first thing you should do is practice good computer maintenance. Without hardware problems, you would not have to worry about the hard drive in particular going kaput.

Ensure that air circulation is good in your personal computer & there are enough fans to ventilate the interior. Diagnostic software with a thermometer function for your hard drive will be a good feature too! Try to maintain a temperature of a cool below 20c or at least room temperature. My room is about 26c to 28c so I guess my PC interior is slightly cooler since it's encased. Also, once or twice a year to clean the dust off your computer’s fans & interior, including on the hard disk itself. Embedded dust tends to have thermal retention & blocks good air flow. In a near future article, I will inform you on some more tips for data recovery. Before I forget, also use a surge protector so that your computer does not go up in smoke during electrical surges, be it from the house electrical socket, phone lines, or even cable.

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