Sunday, May 25, 2008

Let Not the Heat Kill Your Computer

Heat levels inside & ventilation inside the computer is very important. A hot computer will see all sorts of problems arising like computer crashes & possibly even smoke coming out of the pc. You do not want your pricey computer component to become damaged, period!

Using a powerful pc, usually the ones with multiple graphics card configuration require plenty of power & dissipation of heat. At least four fans are place all over the computer, perhaps two at the front & two at the back. Having more fans will make your computer cooler as well as lowering the risk of computer overheating.

Using on the minimum amount of fans for a computer is quite risky. One of the four fans suddenly malfunctioning will create an unstable environment for the computer parts to perform optimally inside the pc. A liquid cooling system can at most, cool down the CPU & GPU but not the rest of the computer interior. Even for PCs with maximum amount of fans & a liquid cooling system can benefit from the JustCooler Fan Alarm System.

You will know when one or more of the fans in your computer become busted & in need of fixing. A lot of people do not know that the fan in their PC is busted. Similarly, they do not know why their computer is acting funny because of it until it is too late! DO not be among the statistics!

Installation is straight forward. Make sure your computer is off & disconnected from the home power socket before installing any new hardware on your computer. Also touch a metal surface before handling electrical components. Connect the JustCooler Fan Alarm System to your computer’s power supply & screw it securely to one of the available bays at the back of your PC. Make sure you hook up the power connectors to your computer fans too!

A loud buzzer is activated when a fan fails. Immediately you can take the proper action by replacing the fan. Which would you want to replace; a cheap fan or a pricey computer component? JustCooler Fan Alarm System ensures that you only need to change the computer fan. Its money saved for purchasing unnecessarily damaged pricey computer components!

The price for your ease of mind regarding replacing pricey computer components is only $7. JustCooler Fan Alarm System is available online for purchase at & includes free shipping in the US. Don’t let the heat kill your computer & most importantly, don’t let the heat get to you!

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