Sunday, May 25, 2008

Preparation for Data Loss Disaster Part I

In the computer industry, disasters can happen. It could be a fire, computer crash, stolen hardware, & etc. The strange thing is that many business owners or individuals never prepare for such an outcome. When disaster strikes, they freak out & panic. Only then they regret why they did not ready a plan in the first place. Come to think of it, I reckon I should buy a secondary hard drive as soon as possible. My photos are starting to take up space on my computer’s hard drive & losing them would be a disaster for me.

Having prepared for a disaster, you can deal with any unwanted situation. Before you go out & buy a secondary hard drive, firstly you may want to analyze your business operation. The questions to ask is how often does your system fails & how long does it take to fix the equipment, & how to go about with business without the available equipment. Also, you may want to identify the risks of the disaster. The cause of the disaster is important to know & anticipate for finding the most appropriate solution. For example, your office cannot be used temporarily then you will have to find another location for business. Preparation for Data Loss Disaster Part II

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