Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Heavyweight Alienware Notebook Performer

Alienware newest offer to the high end notebook consumer is the Area-51® m17x. It’s a 17 inch notebook that weighs a whopping 4.8 kg or about 10.5lbs. It is unknown whether the weight is for the basic model or the full fledged model with all the included Alienware bell & whistles. It’s certainly not a notebook that one would want to carry about while doing some window shopping, going to movies, or on the move at work. I once carried a 2kg notebook. Let me tell you that on its own, it’s fine to carry. However, once you add the wiring like the power socket, the charger, the mouse, & etc; the small items do add up! I ended up with a sore back walking a few kilometers with a fully loaded notebook bag! So you may not want to lug about a 5kg notebook on your leisure walks.

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