Thursday, May 15, 2008

Infuse Personal Dockers Style in TV Commercial


Even rich old rockers like Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones have traded the sickeningly tight leather pants for the more comfortable Dockers. It’s not that only rich old rockers only wears Dockers. It’s because the pants are comfortable & easier to manage than most type of pants. Dockers even have an Iron Free range of pants for easy maintenance. I bought a few Dockers pants a few years ago & am still wearing the khakis today because they are so very comfortable! I like to wear Dockers with both shirts & T-shirts. Basically, I wear Dockers with all my upper body clothing. I’m more often in my Dockers than in any other pants, regardless of being indoors or outdoors.

You fortunate folks who know how to operate a video camera have the opportunity to show off your Dockers style. You can make your own TV commercial creation for the Dockers contest ( You know you can blend your Dockers with just about everything that is fashionable to wear. Dockers look good for the office, home use, recreational wear, & etc. You may want to show other folks how you infuse Dockers into your daily lifestyle. You are not alone as even rich old rockers & superstar golfers are among the many people who think that Dockers are quality & comfortable pants at its best!

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