Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Murderously Inhuman Acts in Frontier(s) Movie

Frontier(s) looks to be one of the best horror films in 2008. The suspense & realism of grotesque scenes are comparable to the highly vivid horror movies like Hostel & Saw. The Frontier(s) movie starts off with a group of people escaping the riots happening in a city more akin to adventure movies or one with a political struggle. Little does suspect that it would evolve into a full blown horror depicting human insanity. I find such movies like Frontier(s) to be too grotesque & murderously inhuman. Even the eerie background noise on the movie website scares me!


Surprisingly, the movie is unrated. There really should be some form of restriction, barring children to watch the movies. I would not watch the movie even though there might be a cinema just opposite my home showing the movie on the select theater listings. However, my younger sister likes such movies a lot. She has a whole DVD collection of extremely grotesque horror movies & often watches the movies at the cinema too. Once I asked her why she likes to watch such extreme horror movies. She told me that she likes the immense suspense & surprise factor of the movies. I am sure she will want to have the Frontier(s) movie in her collection too!

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