Wednesday, May 14, 2008

IEL Returns to PR3 Once Again!

Oh, Whooppee! Google decided to return a PR3 to the blog. Excellent! I wish I knew the reason. I do hope Google does the same for the rest of my blogs too soon. I have a new content strategy in plan to preserve the rank bestowed upon them by Google & attract the new Google search spider. It’s been a turbulent roller coaster ride for me when my blogs had their PR stripped by Google. I just wished the PR of blogs would not fluctuate so dramatically.

It’s just not fair for the bloggers not to mention to advertisers too! There are some really good blogs on the internet that have had their PR taken away! Google seems to be like a robot: just following orders & just doing what’s best for Google; & of course, the beloved users of Google search engine too. Now, maybe Google is starting to show a little remorse for its drastic & impulsive action.

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