Friday, May 2, 2008

Security Concern & Tips for Online Data Backups

There is one main concern with security when choosing online data backups. The server that hosts your data is encrypted. However, very good hackers could penetrate into the system although it is rare. Nonetheless, online data backup companies are in the business of making sure that your data is safe & remains a popular option to normal data backups.

Outsourcing your company’s data backup to online data backup companies means that the data is not stored any where in your workplace or home. It means no DVDs, no CDs, no hard drives, tape drives, or other popular mediums for your company to purchase, secure from unauthorized access, & store.

The data that you want to backup will be uploaded to the online servers & accessible only to those who are given the login data. It is the online data backup company’s responsibility to protect your precious data.

Some tips on how to choose an online data backup service:

1) Fully secure
2) Lockout policies
3) Human security on the facility
4) Track record & past history of company

The higher the security level to protect your data means that you are going to have to pay more for the service. Your data is tremendously important & it deserves the best protection from the best online data backup company that you can afford!

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