Friday, May 2, 2008

Temperature of Hard Drive is Important

Nowadays, it is ideal to store one’s business documents, family photos, & etc on computers. Many things are done digitally today hence storing data digitally makes simple sense too! The computer’s hard disk a.k.a. hard drive is perhaps the most popular way for a person to store data. People switch on the computer & the hard disk welcomes any data that the person wants stored in it. The hard disk is a dependable piece of computer hardware. However, there are cases; resulting from electrical surges, virus attacks, or hardware malfunction, & etc that could render the hard disk unusable & the data; on the normal sense, unrecoverable.

The most common cause of hard disk failure is overheating. The present day hard disk runs at 7,200 & 10,000 RPM so they become hot when they work. Fans & temperature sensors help maintain the heat of the hard disk to acceptable levels. Soaring above 20c or about 70 fahrenheit, which 10,000 RPM hard disks can easily reach, the mechanics inside the hard disk will begin to encounter problems. The disk platters where the data are written, stored & read are prone to become faulty when over heated. So you may want to make sure that there is good air flow inside your computer to help the hard disk maintain a good temperature.

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