Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not the Typical Welcome Email from Sun Microsystems

I just signed up with Sun Microsystems Java tutorial website the other day & was awaiting their reply email. Instead of a welcome to Sun reply email; guess what kind of email was sent to me? It was the “You are suspected as a Terrorist *(@^!%@** because a name similar to yours; Abas bin Sulaiman (a terrorist)” is in the US Federal Government files. I don’t recall how it’s called; some kind of no deal with terrorist list. Good thing I was not given when to respond to the email or we’ll target your house with a laser death ray from a US war satellite kind of thing.

I reckon my home being targeted with a laser death ray is unlikely. *chuckle* Good! Heck, Sun Microsystems don’t even put me on their payroll for me to confirm my identity. I will do it eventually just to show that I’m not the mentioned terrorist. Maybe I’m not the only one. It’s possible. Somebody named John Agent 47 Edwards will probably receive the same email as I did too! It seems like Sun Microsystems is taking a cautious step with who is allowed to enter its online domains. Well, actually it does not matter for me because I recall going onto a Sun Microsystems domain by login only once to view a Java programming tutorial.

I’m still not doing the tutorial just yet because it’s a pretty advanced topic & not to my interest at the moment. When I want to do it, then I would probably have already replied to the “I confirm that I am not a Terrorist” email from Sun Microsystems. Where did Sun Microsystems pull out the file? Perhaps some automatic profile background checker of theirs pulled it out from a US government website. Anyway, I sent the confirmation email to Sun Microsystems yesterday stating that I am not the terrorist & awaiting a reply from them. Hopefully, my case shall be closed in a good way.

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