Thursday, May 15, 2008

SocialSpark Shows Revolutionary Improvements

The SocialSpark site; created by IZEA, shows revolutionary improvements over its predecessor, the PayPerPost blogging marketplace. The most profound feature of the new SocialSpark site is that the blogging marketplace is combined with a social networking functionality. Bloggers can communicate socially via comments & messages to each other & also to advertisers & vice versa. So, not only is SocialSpark helping you to monetize your blog, it also facilitates socializing & increases traffic to your blogs! Visitors may want to signup in order to fully experience the features of the SocialSpark site.

SocialSpark stands by its code of ethics: 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, 100% Transparency, 100% Real Opinions, & 100% Search Engine Friendly! Search Engines will not consider SocialSpark as a link scheming program used by people who are bent on circumnavigating the search engine ranking algorithm. The links in the sponsored posts from SocialSpark advertisers all have a No Follow attribute in them. Hence, the sponsored links are not evaluated by search engines for rank increment. Moving on, you can see in the above screenshot image, that the SocialSpark site is loaded with features & information.

One way to become accustomed with the SocialSpark site is to signup, browse about people’s profiles, & start submitting your blogs. The site offers more than one way to view opportunities. The first is through horizontal scroll bar on the main page & the second is by choosing the browse opportunities category located inside the marketplace tab at the top right of the website. The third shows up on the top left side of the site when you are looking at a particular opportunity. You may find yourself using all the options, like I do, because each method has its own usefulness. SocialSpark is truly a revolutionary blogging marketplace in idea & in the site design itself!

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