Friday, July 4, 2008

Aztech WL230USB 2.0 Wireless Adaptor Becomes Necessary

Now that the wireless router I bought is working perfectly in my home, I placed the device in my room which is located at the very edge of the house. My elder sister’s room is located about 20m away with numerous walls in between the distance. A problem was encountered when she uses her office supplied IBM laptop. AS mentioned before, the Aztech 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 now works perfectly. The Dell Inspiron 1500 laptop is able to surf the internet at optimum speeds anywhere in the house, including in my sister’s room. However, the IBM laptop did not fare well, presenting network connection recognition problems & achieving a fluctuating wireless connection of between 24mbps to a pathetic 1mbps upon successful connection.

To resolve the problem, it became necessary for me place the wireless router outside of my room, closer to her room, in the middle of the house. Doing so, it was necessary for me to purchase the Aztech WL230USB 2.0 wireless adaptor for my pc in my room since the modem had to go outside my room along with the wireless router. It did not make much sense for me to buy a 15 meter long LAN cable to connect the wireless router to the pc in my room because it would cost just slightly below buying the Aztech WL230USB 2.0 wireless adaptor. I bought the device at FMC technologies on 3rd floor of Ampang Point & they gave me a good price for it as I bargained to include a Belkin 4 power socket surge protector into my purchase. Also, I had the option of buying the items online at a lower price. Installing the Aztech WL230 USB 2.0 Wireless Adapter.

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