Friday, June 27, 2008

Installing the Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4

How to install the Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 on your computer

• Open your web browser
• Type in as the url address on the blank space top of the browser
• You will see a password request like in the below picture

• Key in User Name: admin
• Key in Password: admin

• The IP address in the WAN section under Status page as in the picture below should be showing some numbers other than all zeroes or else some cables are loose between your router & modem or not switched on.

• Once done, you can key in the 10 alpha numeric password to secure your wireless home network by going to the wireless setting as in the below picture. Note: use the 64 bit key type for a 10 alpha numeric password, 128 bit for a 32 alpha numeric password, & 152 bit for a 72 alpha numeric password. I suggest for you to go with 64 bit because it will be easier to key-in the password into other computers in your wireless network in the future.

Thereafter, other laptops to be included in your wireless network are easy work & should be as easy as switching on the wireless & key-in the password. The range indoors using 802.11b/g Dell laptops (Dell offer the best wireless feature as compared to Compaq & IBM) are excellent within about 30m radius, maintaining the maximum speed of the 54mbps connection. It’s just as fast as using an ADSL direct connection to my Tmnet Streamyx ISP!

Note* It is recommended that you use a surge protector & unplug your electronic equipment from the power socket (including phone lines) during a thunderstorm.*

I would certainly recommend the Aztech 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 for you folks who need a wireless network at home & do not yet want to use the pricey 802.11n compatible equipment. Its only about $45 (RM 143) including courier within West Malaysia. You can try FMC technologies on 3rd floor of Ampang Point as surely they can give you a cheaper price because you do not need to pay for courier RM 8. The Aztech 802.11b/g Wireless Broadband Router WL830RT4 is by far among the cheapest & splendid performing Wireless Broadband Router you can find in the market!

For further help, please call the Aztech support over at Aztech Malaysia office in Kelana Jaya, Selangor Tel: 03-7804-8450 Fax: 03-7804-8457


Selerines said...

How it is working now?

a.i. editor said...

Hi, SHiva my good friend.

I am glad to inform you that the Aztech wireless router at my home is working fine since the completing the installation.

My internet connection is just how it was before I started using wireless. Only difference now is that, everyone at my home can use the internet too via the wireless network!

Me & my family are happy that we upgraded to a wireless network for at home. Are you planning to do the same too, Shiva?

Selerines said...

Yeah definitely... May be after two or three months.. I mean after i join my company.... That's good one to hear friend...

Selerines said...

Kindly give me some idea about wireless net connection....

a.i. editor said...

hmmm..idea. Well, ok, I have an idea for you. Rather than buying many meters of LAN/Ethernet cable & route them all over your home to connect computers so all of them can be used to surf the internet, you can instead buy a wireless router & adapter (for PCs & older laptops).

A wireless router shall make your home a lot more pretty than seeing wires that belong inside the floors or walls all over the place. Also, you can be out in your home garden with your laptop & still receive the reception from the wireless router to surf the internet.

Thanks for stopping by again, Shiva.

Selerines said...

What about the speed, efficiency, cost and so on? Because i am planning to buy a notebook, so with this i am planning to buy a wireless router for internet connection.. Thats why i am asking? Thanks for your information...

a.i. editor said...

Yo, Shiva. All the information you need about the router is on the related posts.

Just click on the links in green color & you can find information about Aztech wireless router's speed & cost.

Also, I can tell you that the Aztech wireless router device is efficient, providing consistent internet connection even though I left it on for three days straight.

The internet connection slightly fluctuates but it is probably my ISP (internet Service Provider) that has problems.

I hope you find all the information you need on my Aztech wireless router related blog posts. I shall be posting information on the Aztech b/g wireless adaptor soon.

You probably won't need the Aztech b/g wireless adaptor when using a laptop. New Dell laptops have the best wireless receiver I have used. Compaq & IBM laptops are not half as good.

Thanks for visiting again. I hope you buy a laptop that suits your requirements.

Anonymous said...

i had just bought the this router, i did all the setting following the setting guide, but i found a problem occur. My laptop can connect to the wireless but cant surf internet, it only show page cant show. Even my PC also meet the same problem, but when i unplugged the LAN cable and plugged it on my streamyx modem itself, then i have no problem on surfing internet. Can anyone help me?

a.i. editor said...

Hi, How are you?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I am glad you decided to purchase a wireless router like mine. It is probably the LAN cable connection.

As I mentioned before, the cable that connects your ADSL modem to the Wireless router is quite sensitive.

You got to be alert about it during the browser installation process.

When the Status page shows IP address during the browser installation process, it means that you have internet connection.

Otherwise, the cable is loose. It happened to me. I am glad I realized it.

You may also want to call Aztech technical support. They will be glad to help you too.

Happy week to you.

Kenji said...

ooo...god !! I have forgot what the password is set it in the web manager. Can any1 help me???

a.i. editor said...

Hi, Kenji.

How are you?

I guess you can try reconfiguring your web router like in the post.

Also, you would have to call the router manufacturer tech support for help.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you find a solution to your problem.

khairul said...


i got some problem to open web page using given address, can u help me to give alternate way to open web page so i can install this kind of router at my place.


Abasster said...

Hi, Khairul.

Nope. It is the only way I know how to install the router. Check the cables or wires while the router is on & when doing the URL again. They are pretty flimsy.

Anonymous said...


tq for prompt reply, i already connect the router with modem and pc as per instructed in manual, i got connected to the internet but cannot browse the internet and also cant open the web page but when directly connect modem to pc the connection is perfect. any other suggestion?


Abasster said...

Hi, Khairul.

I reckon you are not supposed to switch on the modem first after connecting it with the router. Then you can find the site as no need connection to the internet to log to the URL.

I think you should contact the Aztech phone support, Khairul. The phone number should be on the basic setup manual. The personnel will help you step by step. It's how I got mine working. :-)

Anonymous said...


i already can use this router after calling the aztech customer service. anyway thanks to you for the big help


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