Monday, September 15, 2008

New Colors & Layout for Liberty Reserve Website

The infamous online currency company Liberty Reserve (LR) has a new look. It is more colorful than the old red one. Liberty Reserve holds your money in USD$ & not gold. It is pretty much like Paypal with competitive fees. Anyway, I like the new colors & layout better because you can see things clearly while on the site. Things are spread out with ample space for the large fonts & everything is simple to read.

I like Liberty Reserve as it provides a sense of added safety for my funds. There are layers of security that one must pass through in order to enter into one’s own account. Nowadays to make it less hassle foe Liberty Reserve account holders, there is the ‘wallet’ option where you can place a bit of your LR funds in it & use it without having to fully enter your LR account. Cheers for Liberty Reserve. Malaysian who want to buy & sell their Liberty Reserve funds can do so at


Selerines said...

Abas nice one.. But how far we can trust it.. Because crime is every where. Many are well equipped to crack any thing...

One more thing dude, look into my blog. Try to give me a solution for my phone problem....

a.i. editor said...

It has been active since, I guess more than 5 years. You may want to take a look at the security system of Liberty Reserve. It has two layers you have to go through just to get into your own account.

In my opinion, one should not keep one's money inside an online money account longer than required. It is much better to be feeling d money with one's own hands. :-)

Ok, I shall hop over to your blog now.

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