Saturday, September 20, 2008

Different Types of Investors & Their Investments

The normal types of investments that you would hear about include stocks, bond, & cash. Stock market is a tough place for folks who don’t know about investing. The people who invest in the stock market can be described as aggressive investors. They also may take interest to invest in business ventures & higher risk real estates whereby they buy a property, renovate or develop it using more money & then sell them for a large profit. Nonetheless, moderate investors also do take a dip in the stock market although not as actively as the aforementioned category of investors. Moderate investors prefer to invest in cash, bonds, & low risk real estate.

How about the conservative category of investors?

They are the people who often invest in cash like interest bearing savings accounts, money market accounts, mutual funds, US Treasury bills, & Certificates of Deposit. In general, conservative investors put their money into what people consider long term & very safe investments. Now you may know which type of investor you are & which type of investment suits you. You should strive to achieve a high level of understanding of the risks involved & what your investments can do for you. Also, investors look at the past trends as history will help you make your investment decision.


Selerines said...

But Lehman Brothers Shocked every one right?????

Nice to see you back after long time... Have a nice time..

a.i. editor said...

Hi, Shiva.

LB was not really a shock to everyone. Well, at least not to me. Lehman owned a company, I guess it was named F...& f...yeah, funny name which was heavily invested in American real estate. I reckon giving out mortgage loans to people who can't pay them back really hurt the bank.

F&F could have been one of Lehman B main playing card. Once it was on the news, LB got worst & share holders possibly freaked out & bailed like at Bear Sterns. Even the Koreans who wanted to heavily invest in LB got cold feet.

Happy week to you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

rvivekshanmugam said...

Nice one for Investors!

Liked ur Blog very much...
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I've already added urs in my Blogroll... www dot rvivekshanmugam dot com
Cheers... Keep Blogging! :)

a.i. editor said...

Hi, Vivek

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sure, lets exchange blog links!

rvivekshanmugam said...

Added urs to my blogroll as well... cheers! :)

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