Sunday, February 1, 2009

Windows 7: The Long Awaited Vista Successor in Beta

Although still only in Beta stage, Microsoft has unveiled the new Windows operating system, the successor to Windows Vista: Windows 7. The company has made the Windows 7 official beta of the software available for free download over at /windows/windows-7/. Videos about Windows 7 are also available on the site.

Windows 7 (formerly known as codename Blackcomb & Vienna) is purposefully designed to remedy issues that have plagued the Windows Vista, namely sluggishness & the obnoxious user account control (UAC). Reports from Beta testers have been positive with many claiming that the software is much faster & more responsive than Windows Vista & even the infamous Windows XP.

Some features of the new Window 7:

• Touch screen feature: Full support for multi-touch
• Homegroup
• InPrivate Internet Explorer 8 browsing
• New generation Windows Live Services


prabakaran said...

nice post!!!
window-7 looking forward to release

a.i. editor said...

Hi, & a happy week to you, Rajesh. Yes I do want to try using the Windows 7 too. I read that its better than all the Windows versions.

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